Sue Tyler, August 20, 2020

I have been working with Dr. Gholami for about a year.  This is the first time, in my life, that I have tried to have someone actually help me with my day to day activities.

I should say, first, that I am 70, have suffered from a chronic illness for 50 years, and have congenital deformities in my feet.  All of this, together, has made it very difficult to live normally.

My attitude has always been “Oh, I can’t do that”.  But, after turning 70, I realized that if I wanted to live longer, I was going to need an exercise plan.

A friend suggested Dr. Gholami to me, though I was skeptical that she could help me.  

Dr. Gholami is an extraordinary woman.  She has a personality that is welcoming, accepting, and trustworthy, all at the same time.  I immediately felt like I had found a friend.  She is also extremely well-informed about all aspects of healthy living.  

Before we even addressed the exercise goal, she had me keeping a food journal, so that I could see, explicitly, what was going into my body.  It was surprising, to say the least.

As the year has unfolded, with her guidance in dietary, exercise, and attitude awareness, I have changed.  It really is just as simple as changing your attitude towards yourself.  I never, anymore, think that I can’t do something.  She has created in me a confidence that I can do as much as my body will allow.  She never suggests doing things that feel unnatural.  She has simply taught me that there are many things I can do, and, when I find them, I should do them.  She has encouraged experimentation, but has actually held me back, from time to time, when I became too impulsive.

I am now hiking once a week, for about 5-6 miles, can walk without falling, have lost weight without really doing much to achieve this, and look forward to doing all the things I never thought I could do.  I reached this state, not by aggressively pushing my body to exercise, but by simply changing the way I faced life.  

I never once felt like Dr. Gholami was leading me in any particular direction. The realization just grew on me that I was doing, naturally, the things that I should have been doing all along. 

Dr. Gholami has changed my life.  I give her the credit for this.  I am the one who has actualized this process, but I would never have done it without her steady and compassionate guidance.

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